Revolutionizing EV Charge through DePIN & Blockchain

Decharge serves as the comprehensive protocol supporting key elements such as OCPP, Tokenization, RWA and other web3 stack functionalities within the ecosystem.

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Decharge is the encompassing protocol that supports the EV charging infra ecosystem starting from the OCPP global standard & the Web3 DePIN Stack that facilitates payments, incentives for the stakeholders involved in the ecosystem thereby contributing to a positive sum network global energy layer.

0x Phase 1

The platform

The proprietary platform facilitates the permissioned charging layer on top of public charging networks where the real estate owners can charge on a rental basis for the power that is required on demand for the EV ecosystem.

Need of the hour

Scaling of hardware operations is hard and capital intensive, even for a model that has a genuine ROI attached to it. DeCharge, as a protocol can allow for global capital to be deployed across the world at strategic locations and strategic business operators who would also get incentivised for facilitating energy consumption by users on demand.

Charging units - RWA

Decharge, as a Web3 protocol layer, helps to tokenize the DeCharge unit, which is essentially the least common denominator in the charging ecosystem given the access towards source of power that is directly available in a retail ecosystem.

RWA Tokenization allows for a decentralized setup to mobilize global capital followed by a distributed economy of incentives by achieving fair market margins for providing the service on demand in a decentralized manner. The protocol will eventually function across any compatible hardware setup that follows the OCPP global standards.

Tokenization standards - Tokenization in the current Web3 stack is fairly elegant to achieve, The versatile standards allows us to explore the possibility of allowing community owned asset classes to deploy their own permissioned token and liquidity in due course as long as they meet the DePIN standards to create a trustless ecosystem that plugs into our ecosystem.

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RWA x DeFi

A reasonable demand is expected for asset ownership given the merits of the DePIN economy given the fact that it operates on finite real estate. The ROI is also tangible when deployment and consumption happen in tandem.

Over the due course of RWA roadmap, each RWA unit can be regarded as a yield producing asset class, which can attract institutional global capital to flow into the ecosystem, contributing to the DePIN flywheel.

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